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Body Bloom Black water ionizer produces 4 levels of alkaline water for drinking, cooking, washing fruit and vegetables. Hot water for making tea or coffee. Purified water and cold purified water are for taking medicine, because alkaline water neutralizes everything.

  • 5 patented platinum-titanium plates produce strong alkaline water with high efficiency
  • Alkaline water: pH 8.5 – 10.0
  • Maximum achievable values: pH 11.5 and ORP -750 mV (at low water flow and max settings)
  • Ability to adjust electric current for source water pH (from 5.5 to 8.0). To make each pH level of alkaline water you need different amount of electric current (measured in amperes). For instance, at pH 7.0 of tap water, 2.7 amperes make pH 8.5 and 3.8 amperes make pH 10. Tap water pH is not 7.0 everywhere, it varies even within same city. And tap water pH is the main factor affecting pH of alkaline water. Using same 2.7 amperes for tap water with pH 6.0 will not make alkaline water with pH 8.5. Lower tap water pH needs more electricity to make alkaline water. And higher tap water pH needs less electricity to make alkaline water. That’s why ability to adjust electric current for source water pH is so important.
  • Auto-hide tap to prevent bacteria growth on the tap
  • Instant no-tank water heater
  • Cold alkaline and cold purified water
  • Automatic cleaning after every use and after every 30 liters (adjustable) to protect electrolysis cell from scale and overheating
  • 4 filters: Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Nano, Post-Carbon
  • 3 years warranty
  • Size: 300(W) x 487(H) x 465(D) mm
  • Weight: 20 kg

Out of stock

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