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What Is Phytoncide

It is a compound Greek word for ‘plant ‘ (phyton) and ‘kill’ (caedo) that it is a name for all sterilization substances from the plants. Phytoncide is an organic active volatile substance with antiseptic properties (natural antibiotic) that all trees and plants produce and radiates into the air. Phytoncide inhibits and prevents the growth and development of harmful micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Hinoki Cypress

Phytoncides come from all plants. But those from conifer trees like pine and especially chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki Cypress) are in particular valuable. Hinoki Cypress are very slow growing trees that mainly are found in limited areas in Korea and Japan. Forest areas with Hinoki Cypress trees release the highest levels and qualities of phytoncide in the world.

Health Benefits of Phytoncide

Phytoncide has tremendous health benefits for humans, too.

  • Natural antibiotic – kill bacteria and viruses in air, your respiratory system and mouth.
  • Effective chemical-free air freshener. Naturally remove odors from food, smoking, pets, bathroom, bad breath, not just mask them.
  • Strengthen immune system to reduce flu incidents and bacterial infection.
  • Activate natural killer cells that selectively attack cancer cells thus helping to fight against cancer.
  • Increase efficiency of lymphocyte cells.
  • Prevent and alleviate the environmentally-caused skin diseases and asthma.

Phytoncide Products

Phytoncide Toothpaste

Stop bacteria growth in mouth. Eliminate bad breath. Fluoride free.

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Phytoncide Air Diffuser

Clean air and your respiratory system. Naturally remove odors.

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