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No, You Can’t Get in Shape by Summer (But There’s Hope)

It’s this time of year again when articles about how to get bikini body by summer start popping up on internet. You are bombarded with “new, revolutionary” fitness regimens and diets. And the closer the summer the more ridiculous they become, like “7 Slimdown Rules to get you Bikini Ready in a Week.” The truth is that you missed the train. You can’t shed all that extra weight in mere 3 months. Christian Bale can (living off only a can of tuna and an apple per day, under strict supervision of his doctor), but not you or me. Assuming that you can pull it off is an insult to all fit people. They exercise and diet religiously for years to achieve that magazine cover-worthy look.


Every January you promise yourself to get in shape this year. How long does it usually last? A week? A day? You’re going to give up summer fitness plan as well. Most people do. Just look at the graph below: most of gym newcomers drop out. It happens because you fill guilty for eating too much and carrying that spare tire around your waist. So you start an impossible workout plan and a diet. They’re so hard that you just quit. Or get busy and quit. Having great body requires patience and sacrifices.





Exercise and eating right are the cornerstones of beautiful and healthy body. Yet they are one of the first things we give up when life gets busy (I do it a lot). However, you will never get in good shape unless you make exercise and eating right your top priorities. It’s also important because they will keep you healthy at any age, make you happier and more productive. You can be the best version of yourself with your family and at work.


There’re so many ways to workout: pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, calisthenics, Crossfit and tons of programs pumped out by fitness magazines. And there’re even more diets. Some are valid, most are complete waste of your time. Besides cookie-cutter plans don’t work for everyone. (even though BuzzFeed suggests the opposite) So educate yourself to cut through BS and learn to adapt them or to make your own. Don’t just follow any workout plan or a diet that you like, make sure it really works for you.


All those fancy fitness regimens saying to exercise 3 days a week or 5 days a week are for highly motivated people with tons of time on their hands. I don’t have that kind of motivation and I certainly don’t have time to cook everyday. We, the normal people, have to juggle a day job, long commute, spouses, kids, friends. Adding a getting fit routine to such schedule is plain crazy. There’re 2 things you have to do: make sacrifices to free up some time and make getting routine indispensable part of your life by turning it into a habit. To achieve it start small, but do it every single day. Doing something once a week is not a habit, but a chore. Next gradually increase the load. The results might not arrive very soon, but they will be sustainable.

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