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All You Need to Know about Microderm

Microdermabrasion or microderm is one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It uses aluminum oxide crystals to remove the top layer of epidermis, which triggers wound healing response in dermis. This response means active production of collagen to repair damaged skin. Just choose coarse grit to induce meaningful production of collagen.


One microderm procedure takes about 45 minutes and “5 to 8 treatments spaced 7-10 days apart are recommended for most people. Acne scars and or discolorations may require more treatments. Monthly maintenance treatments every 2 or 3 months may be necessary to maintain results,” says Dr. Amber Kyle.

Microderm doesn’t hurt like dermabrasion so you don’t need anesthesia and your face heals after 24 hours. Between treatments do not expose your skin to direct sun and wear a sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.


One session at a beauty salon in Stockholm will set you back 800 to 950 kr. With short 15-min treatments available for 400 kr. Microderm kits are available on Amazon, so you can easily pamper your skin at home. These devices come in 2 types. One is a closed-loop system with crystals pulverizer and a vacuum which sucks back unused crystals and dead skin. Another type is a diamond-studded handpiece, which proved to be most effective in studies.


Studies found that microdermabrasion improves some aspects of photoaging and select cases of acne scarring. It can be performed not only on face, but also, neck, chest, back. You can reasonably expect microderm to soften fine wrinkles, decrease, but not completely remove acne scars, reduce age spots, and improve the appearance of dull, stressed skin. However, it may be less effective than acid chemical peels at correcting skin color.

Microderm is effective for light skin texture and tone correction. For best results you need multiple procedures with coarse-grit diamond handpiece. Doing it at home will not only make your wallet happy, but also will protect you from the risk of getting infected through unsterilized equipment.

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