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7 Things You Should Know about Laser Resurfacing

CO2 Laser resurfacing removes the upper layers of skin, creating a thin wound. It triggers production of new collagen and elastin fibers that tighten and contract your skin to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. Collagen and elastic fibers continue to be produced for about 4 months as the skin returns to normal thickness and softness, so any rejuvenation lasts as long as these newly created collagen and elastin are present.


  1. Laser resurfacing is great for reducing wrinkles, smoking lines, sun damage, acne scars.
  2. It sets the clock back but doesn’t stop it. You will continue to age but should look younger than you would have without the treatments.
  3. The more aggressive the treatment the greater and longer-lasting benefit you will receive. However, it increases the risk of complications like permanent lightening or darkening of the skin, scarring (lip area scars a bit more easily than other areas), or a lot of downtime.
  4. Opt for entire face treatment. You don’t want to have a visible demarcation line between the “treated” and the “untreated” areas.
  5. You will artificially look better in the first several weeks after healing because of the plumpness of the skin from microscopic swelling. As that it goes away, some lines return.
  6. You won’t be able to go outside or socialize for a couple weeks after the treatment.
  7. Alternatives to CO2 laser. Non ablative laser – don’t remove the skin but instead causes a degree of heat damage to the skin’s upper or deeper layers. Fractional laser – “drills” tiny holes into the deeper layer of your skin. While there is less surface injury with these lasers, there is a greater depth of injury.


Depending on the depth of wrinkles and lines, severity of sun damage, skin type your skin care professional may recommend the best approach or even a combination therapy in which different devices are used during one treatment.

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